46 For orders please call 888 874 3336 (Branch Locations) 800 366 4472 (Technical Sales) www.tri-ed.com Specifications are subject to change without notice. Products may not appear as shown.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in specifications and do not warrant the same. © 2017/18 Video Surveillance Ip - cameras transmission iBridge Video WiFi Mini Dome w/12 mos Service - Use Standalone or w/iBridge Nap-ISV2DOME - Mini Dome WiFi or POE, High Res Outdoor Remote Video Nap-ISV2POE4P - Optional 4 Port POE Switch Nap-ISVPOE8P - Optional 8 Port POE Switch Nap-ISV2DOMEBOX - Optional Waterproof Junction Box Mount Nap-ISV2DOMEBKT - Optional EAVE/Side Camera Mounting Bracket • Outdoor dome camera with choice of WiFi or POE connectivity & options for wall, ceiling,eave mt • High HD resolution remote video up to 20 frames per second at HD res (1280 x 960) - No Special WAP! • 32GB Onboard HD video storage, for up to 7 days, viewable from App or online. • Free Apps for standalone remote video or as part of iBridge Connected Home (w/stored video review) • Options - 4 or 8 Port PoE Switch; wall or junction box mt (vandal/weather resist IPI67, IK10 rated) StarLink Connect® Universal Cell/IP Radio w/ConectedHome &Upload Top Brands Nap-SLECDMAC - StarLink Connect® Cell/IP Radio Downld Top Brands Nap-SLECDMAZ - StarLink Connect Dual Cell/IP Radio w/ Z-Wave Hub Nap-SLEGSM34GZ - AT&T Model is 34G with Zwave add -Z • Universal Honeywell,ADT, Napco, DSC and more, Virtual Keypad,Up/Downloading,Text/Video Notifications • Easily retrofit millions of security systems nationwide -Easy one-and-done upgrade or takeover • Economical 4-in-1 unit for easy, quick installation and lowest equipment cost upgrade/take accounts • Upgrade communications and add notifications and remote virtual keypad. Z-Model adds Z-Wave ConnHome • For Top Brands use full bus data for full virtual keypad, SMS/MMS notifications & Scenes (w/Z-Model) • For Any Brand Panel with keyswitch input - Add Radio, Remote On/Off App, SMS & Scenes on arm/disarm • 5-in-One , Z Model,w/ built in Z-Wave hub for using std Z-Wave Devices, temp,locks,light scenes • Full Smart Notifications, Scenes and more “Powered by iBridge®” in EZ StarLink Cell/IP Dual Radio • Choice of Secure, Cyber Protected Multibillion Dollar Networks, Verizon Network Certified or AT&T intrusion detection