28 For orders please call 888 874 3336 (Branch Locations) 800 366 4472 (Technical Sales) www.tri-ed.com Specifications are subject to change without notice. Products may not appear as shown.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in specifications and do not warrant the same. © 2017/18 Video Surveillance Fluidmesh 1200 VOLO Flu-FM1200VOLO Flu-FM1200V-HW • Powerful wireless backhauling for point to point, point to multipoint and mesh networks • Up to 150 Mbps • FMQUADRO: Web-based interface to easily configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the network • Easy mounting and easy setup • MPLS transmission protocol with intelligent QoS IP - TRANSMISSION FLUIDMESH PONTE 50 Flu-FMPONTE50 • Point-to-point wireless link • 2x2 MIMO integrated antenna • Up to 50Mbps • 3 miles line of sight • Quick and easy installation IP - TRANSMISSION IP - TRANSMISSION FLUIDMESH 3500 ENDO Flu-FM3200ENDO Flu-FM3500E-HW • For applications requiring specific antennas such as vehicle to infrastructure communication • Up to 500 Mbps • MPLS based transmission protocol • 0ms handoff and low latency • Rugged designed: metal aluminum enclosure, for harsh environments and long-lasting performances IP - TRANSMISSION FLUIDMESH 4500 MOBI Flu-FM4500MOBI Flu-FM4500MHW • Wireless broadband for fast moving vehicles • 500 Mbps of usable throughput, up to 225 mph speed • Industrial-grade anti-vibration M12 ports and QMA connectors • EN 50155 certified IP - TRANSMISSION FLUIDMESH 1300 OTTO Flu-FM1300OTTO FLU-FM1300T-HW • Long range point-to-point wireless bridge • Up to 500 Mbps • 19dBi integrated antenna • PoE Gigabit port • Ball joint mounting for high precision alignment IP - TRANSMISSION FLUIDMESH 3200 BASE Flu-FM3200BASE Flu-FM3200B-HW • Powerful wireless base station • Rugged designed, specific for harsh environments and long lasting performances • Gigabit port • 120º of horizontal beamwidth coverage • For point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh wireless networks