3 For orders please call 800 398 7282 www.tri-ed.com Specifications are subject to change without notice. Products may not appear as shown.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in specifications and do not warrant the same. © 2017/18 Video Surveillance communications access control IS SeriesVideo Intercom with IP Control Unit AIP-ISDV - Door station, aluminum die cast, surface mount AIP-ISDVF - Door station, stainless steel, flush mount AIP-ISMV - Video master station with PTZ control AIP-ISCCU - Central Control Unit, connects 4 doors, 4 master AIP-ISSCU - Adds 8 doors, 8 masters to ISCCU. Max 2 per ISCCU AIP-ISRCU - Adds 30 sub stations to ISCCU. Max 4 per ISCCU AIP-ISIPC - Connects IS-CCU/RCU to network, telephone line out AIP-ISPUUL - Power Supply, 48V DC, 2A AIP-ISRS - Handset sub/room station AIP-ISSS - Hands-free room/door station INTERCOMS • Unlock door remotely from anywhere on the network • Communicate easily between stations • Program daily bulletins and bell schedules on or offsite-Ideal for schools • Broadcast emergency announcements, forward failed calls, transfer calls • Perfect for schools, office buildings, factories, hospitals, and utilities GT Series Video Intercom for Multi-Tenant Applications with Network Adaptor AIP-GTMCX - Connects system to a network via IPv4 or IPv6 AIP-GTDMBN - 3-in-1 video entry station, NFC name updates, stainless steel AIP-GT1C7 - 7” LCD video tenant station with door release AIP-GT1M3 - 3.5” LCD video tenant station with door release AIP-GTMKBN - Video guard station - NEW! AIP-GTVBX - Video bus control unit AIP-GTBC - Audio bus control unit AIP-PS2420UL - 24V DC, 2A power supply AIP-GTVOA - Video output adaptor • Use the GTMCX to expand capacity to 480 entry stations, 96 guard stations, 5,000 tenants stations • Remotely program and update tenant names and apartment numbers via GTMCX • Centralize security by using offsite staff to answer entry or tenant calls • Onsite/offsite staff can receive alerts triggered by emergency pull cord at video guard station • CCTV camera input provides additional surveillance of entry area • Identify visitors using video or audio only stations and easily buzz them into building • Wire terminations occur at bus control units safely within the building • A pair of wires is used for audio signal and another pair for video signal via bus control units • New video guard station allows staff to view and screen visitors INTERCOMS IX Series IP Video Intercom AIP-IXMV - IP addressable video master station AIP-IXDA - IP addressable video door station AIP-IXDF - IP addressable video door station, stainless steel AIP-IXDFHID - IP addressable HID® ProxPoint® Plus door station AIP-IXDFRP10 - IP addressable HID® multiClass® door station AIP-IXBA - IP addressable audio only door station AIP-IXSS - IP addressable audio door station, stainless steel AIP-IXDF2RA - IP addressable video emergency station, 2-call btns AIP-IXSS2RA - IP addressable audio only emergency station, 2-btns AIP-IXSSRA - IP addressable audio only emergency station, 1-btn AIP-ISWBCA - Emergency wall box, caged light with “ASSISTANCE” letters AIP-ISWBHE - Emergency wall box, hooded light with “EMERGENCY” letters AIP-Towers - variable design choices - contact Tri-ED AIP-RYIP44 - Required for IX Mobile. 4 outputs/4 inputs AIP-PS1225UL - Required power supply for RYIP44 AIP-IXMobile - Sub master station mobile app for AndroidTM /iOS® AIP-ISIFB - Retrofits emergency stations into existing towers AIP-IXSDH - Stainless steel security housing for IX-BA/IX-DA AIP-IXPA - IP paging adaptor, 8Ω speaker/600Ω amp output, PoE • All stations are PoE and IP addressable over Cat-5e/6 • Each master station(IXMV) has a 500 station address book capacity • Transfer door calls to any master station • All-in-one communication system to control video entry and access control • View 3rd party IP cameras on IXMV master stations • ONVIF compliant video output • Priority call queueing • Forward missed calls automatically • IX Mobile app provides sub master station functionality with 4 speed dial buttons on a mobile device • Integrates w/ Milestone, ONSSI, Genetec, Lenel, Kaplogic to add communication to physical security INTERCOMS