2 For orders please call 800 398 7282 www.tri-ed.com Specifications are subject to change without notice. Products may not appear as shown.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in specifications and do not warrant the same. © 2017/18 Video Surveillance 2N Access Control Easy, Affordable Access & Attendance Management • Standalone, All-in-One Open IP • Smart phone enabled Bluetooth or RFID/NFC (125 or 13.56 MHz) reader • Quick easy Installation – POE • Integrates with 2N® Access Commander for multiple unit/site management and attendance reporting • Verticals – Schools, Commercial, Hotels, Healthcare and Small Business IP Access control 2N Helios IP Intercom Family The #1 IP Intercom Solution • Bluetooth or RFID Access technology • LCD Touch Display with contact list • True open integration – ONVIF/SIP for seamless integration • Cost competitive solution - no expensive head end, and POE installation • Unlimited programmability/scripting allows for a customized solution for all customer needs • Verticals - Education, Commercial, Industrial, Residential Intercoms intercoms 2N® Helios IP Solo A Compact IP Intercom Ideal for Home Automation • Video calls and door control integrated into smart home system • Wide-angle HD camera with infrared light and night vision • Luxury IP intercom with flush or wall mounting option • Tamper switch detecting unauthorized device intrusions • Easy integration with IP telephone systems using SIP protocol support intercoms 2N® Mobile Video Keep Up with Your Visitors Anywhere You Go • Video calls on your mobile phone • Building entrance monitoring, open the door with installed 2N Intercoms remotely • Mobile Application available for iOS and Android • Easy configuration and remote administration via My2N.com portal • Solution for small residential installation as well as for large apartment buildings readers/keypads 2N® Access Unit Fingerprint Reader Use Fingers as a Credential, no cards or keys need • Highly secure and comfortable identification method • Fast matching speed • Optical sensor suitable for outdoor use • Algorithm for spoof fingerprint detection • Recognizes even wet fingerprints accessories 2N® Access Unit Bluetooth Open a Door Using Your Smartphone • Double identification support for top security sites • Customizable communication distance • High level of security – encrypted communication • iOS and Android application available 2N IP Audio systems Audio distribution with No Limits • Paging & Streaming audio over your IP network • Zone and Priority announcement • Network Mangement through easy to navigate central software • Cost effective as a retrofit solution utilizing existing components • Solutions for; Amusement parks, Zoos, Hotels; Schools, Shopping Centers, Airports DISTRIBUTED AUDIO AUDIO & HOME AUTOMATION access control