51 For orders please call 800 398 7282 www.tri-ed.com Specifications are subject to change without notice. Products may not appear as shown.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in specifications and do not warrant the same. © 2017/18 Video Surveillance access control READERS/KEYPADS READERS/KEYPADS 125KHz Convertible Anti-Vandal Backlit PIN / Proximity & PIN Reader/Controller RSP-AYCQ54B RSP-AYCQ64B • Printed Wiegand / Clock & Data formats ID and Facility code (cards) • Printed ID (tags) • Available in three colours: Black, Gray and Blue (tags) Credentials goPROX® (125KHz) Family rsp-AYCE60 rsp-AYCG60 rsp-AYCF60 rsp-AYCM60 rsp-AYCQ60 • Support both standard Rosslare PROX cards (ASK) and HID Prox™ cards (FSK) • Reads Rosslare PROX and all HID Prox™ using Genuine HID Technology™ • Can be used as a standalone controller • Dual authentication PROX + PIN (convertible) • UL listed •  Wiegand 26-Bit read format •  Bi-coloured LED •  LED colour control input •  UL listed 125KHz Proximity Reader Series RSP-AYH12C RSP-AYL12C RSP-AYM12C RSP-AYJ12C RSP-AYK12C READERS ISO/Clamshell 125 kHz Proximity/ Read-Only Cards/Tags RSP-ATERS26A3001 - ISO Card RSP-ATERC26A3001 - Clamshell Card RSP-ATERK26A7TB0 - Tag RSP-ATERK26A7RB0 - Tag (Round) readers & keypads CSN SELECT (13.56MHz) Family rsp-AYCM6355 rsp-AYCH6355 rsp-AYK6255 rsp-AYM6255 rsp-AYH6255 rsp-AYL6255 rsp-AYR6255 • RFID smart card readers of multi-format 13.56 MHz credentials • Tamper detection • SIA OSDP connectivity option on AY-M/H6255 models • IP65 exit devices Piezo Rex Switches rsp-EX04 rsp-EX06 rsp-EX16 rsp-EX07 rsp-EX17 rsp-EX22 • Non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant • Light ring status indicator • Weatherproof, designed for heavy-duty and harsh industrial environments • Selectable Built-in buzzer control - alarm input or button press • RSP-EX06/16/07/17 are UL listed •  Read range up to 39.4’ •  Suitable for vehicle and car parking management •  Works with passive card, tags, and labels •  26 or 34-bit Wiegand formats UHF Integrated Long-Range Reader RSP-AYU910 - AY-U910 readers