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Products may not appear as shown.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in specifications and do not warrant the same. © 2017/18 Video Surveillance surge protectors MMS Series Surge Suppressors MMP-MMS370 - 7-outlet w/ child safety covers MMP-MMS370T - 7-outlet w/ child safety covers MMP-MMS110 - Single outlet wall-tap MMP-MMS130C - 3-outlet wall-tap w/ fax/phone MMP-MMS362P - -outlet strip twin pack (2 units) • Standard series surge protection products • Models with T in name offer telephone protection • MMS370 & MMS370T models offer sliding safety covers • All units are UL1449 certified • Limited Lifetime Warranty and up to $75,000 connected equipment protection SURGE SUPPRESSORS RPM Series Remote Power Managers 2,8,16 and 24 ports MMP-RPM1521E - 2-port, 15-amp, rack-mount ears optional, 120V MMP-RPM1581EV6 - 8-port smart PDU, includes SNMP , 15 Amp, rackmount MMP-RPM1581HVN - 8-port smart PDU, browser interface, 15 Amp MMP-RPM20161HVN - 16-port smart PDU, browser interface, 20 Amp MMP-RPM2082HVI - 8-port smart PDU, 208V/20 Amp, IEC 320 receptacles MMP-RPM20162VI - 16-port smart PDU, 208V/20 Amp, IEC320 receptacles MMP-RPM30241EV6 - 24-port smart PDU, 120V/30Amp, 5-15/20R recept’s MMP-RPM20242EV6 - 24-port smart PDU, 208V/30Amp, 208V, IEC320 recept • Remotely reboot and manage power from anywhere in the world surge protectors surge protectors MMS Slimline Series Surge Supressors MMP-MMS686SCT - Slimline 8-outlet w/ coax, network, safety covers MMP-MMS130RC - Slimline 3-outlet wall tap w/ coax for HDTVs MMP-MMS660S - Slimline 6-outlet wall tap MMP-MMS664S - Slimline 6-outlet strip • Slimline series surge suppression products for compact spaces • MMS130RC features side-facing outlets ideal for wall-mount TV installs • MMS686SCT features child safety covers, transformer-spaced outlets • All units UL 1449 Certified MMS Rotating Series Surge Suppressors MMP-MMS760RCT - 6-outlet wall tap w/ rotating outlets MMP-MMS780R - 8-outlet strip w/ 6 rotating outlets & cord mgmt MMP-MMS7100RT - 10-outlet strip w/ 5 rotating outlets MMP-MMS7120RCT - 12-outlet strip w/ 8 rotating outlets • Rotating Outlets Series Surge Suppressors • Rotating outlets to accommodate multiple transformer blocks • Coax protection (C) and phone/fax protection (T) on select models • Limited lifetime warranty and up to $200,000 connected equipment protection UPS PRODUCTS Entrepid Series UPS Systems MMP-EP500LCD MMP-EP700LCD MMP-EP1000LCD MMP-EP1500LCD • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), stylish design • LCD display of power conditions, SentryHD Power Monitoring Software • Hot-swappable, easy battery replacement • Three-year warranty, 2 years on batteries • Independent Battery Bypass, DC start-up UPS PRODUCTS EnterprisePlus LCD UPS Systems MMP-E750Rt2U - 750VA UPS, 2U MMP-E1000Rt2U - 1000VA UPS, 2U MMP-E1500Rt2U - 1500VA UPS, 2U MMP-E2000Rt2U - 2000VA UPS, 2U MMP-E3000Rt2U - 3000VA UPS, 2U • True sine wave output • Line interactive UPS technology with Automatic Voltage Regulator • Unlimited runtime capability via external battery packs (XL models only) • Built-in USB, RS 232, and SNMP (card sold separately) com- munications ports MMP-E750RTXL2U - Battery pack capable MMP-E1000RTXL2U - Battery pack capable MMP-E1500RTXL2U - Battery pack capable MMP-E2000RTXL2U - Battery pack capable MMP-E3000RTXL2U - Battery pack capable Endeavor UPS Systems MMP-ED1000RM2U - 1000VA MMP-ED1500RM2U - 1500VA MMP-ED2000RM2U - 2000VA MMP-ED3000RM2U - 3000VA MMP-ED6000T - 6000VA MMP-ED10000T - 10000VA • True on-line double conversion UPS technology • Designed for mission critical applications • 6,000 and 10,000VA Tower; 6,200VA Rack mount • 6,000 and 10,000VA units can be configured for parallel or redundant up to 24kVA UPS PRODUCTS UPS PRODUCTS Entrust UPS Systems MMP-ETR550LCD - 550VA Slimline UPS MMP-ETR700LCD - 700VA Slimline UPS MMP-ETR1000LCD - 1000VA Slimline UPS MMP-ETR1500LCD - 1500VA Slimline UPS • Designed for security applications, slimline form ideal for tight installs • 8 Outlet (4 battery/4 surge) UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) • Fax/modem/network protection • Built-in USB communications port, SentryPlus™ software included • Three-year parts & labor warranty, two-year battery UPS PRODUCTS Enspire UPS Systems MMP-EN350 - 350VA Standby UPS, 6 Outlets (3 Battery, 3 Surge) MMP-EN550 - 550VA Standby UPS, 6 Outlets (3 Battery, 3 Surge) MMP-EN750LCD - 750VA Standby UPS, 8 Outlets (4 Battery, 4 Surge) MMP-EN900LCD - 900VA Standby UPS, 8 Outlets (4 Battery, 4 Surge) • Designed for small system requirements • LCD display for status, runtime monitoring (EN750LCD, EN900LCD) • High efficiency Green-mode operation (EN750LCD, EN900LCD) • Two transformer-friendly spaced outlets perfect for AC adapters • Three-year parts & labor warranty, two-year battery Pro-RT Series UPS Systems MMP-PRO1000RT - 1000VA 2U Rack or Tower UPS MMP-PRO1500RT - 1500VA 2U Rack or Tower UPS • Rack & tower mount hardware included, optional wall mount kit available • Line interactive UPS technology with Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) • LCD Display shows UPS Status, estimated runtime, input/output voltage • Built-in USB comm, SNMP card optional; SentryPlus® software included • Three-Year Parts & Labor Warranty UPS PRODUCTS HARDWARE and tools