37 For orders please call 800 398 7282 www.tri-ed.com Specifications are subject to change without notice. Products may not appear as shown.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in specifications and do not warrant the same. © 2017/18 Video Surveillance access control controllers Keyscan Single Door PoE Equipped Access Control Unit KES-ca150 • Equipped w/ PoE capable TCP/IP Ethernet module which reduces installation time, lengthy wiring runs & power requirements • Provides 256 timezones, 512 time schedules, 511 group levels/64 holidays & 6000 transaction buffer • CA150 is a perfect solution for single or remote located door applications communications Keyscan Communication Interlink Module kes-CIM • Communication control module designed to use a CAN Bus communication network • Provides optimized server to Access Control Unit (ACU) communication • Provides global communications and ACU to PC communications for two or more ACUs on the same loop • Includes enhanced device-based diagnostics and improved communication speeds • One module required for each ACU communications controllers Keyscan 125kHz Proximity Reader kes-KPROX3 kes-CS12536 • Convenient all-in-one unit, mullion or single gang mounting applications • Anti-tamper ‘heartbeat’ technology triggers alarm conditions when the signal is interrupted • Dedicated LED indicators for Present3 and facility lock down features (firmware required) • Will function with all access control systems, including Keyscan clamshell cards (KES-CS12536) • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship readers/keypads Keyscan Proximity Reader/Keypad kes-KKPR • When Pin & Prox is desired use this stylish & reliable keypad/prox reader • Blue backlit keys for low light use • Tactile and audible tone to indicate key presses; utilizes one reader port • Works with Keyscan 125kHz compatible proximity cards (CS125-36) • Limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship readers/keypads Keyscan Contactless Smartcard Reader and Credentials kes-ksmart - Keyscan Smartcard Reader kes-KSECURE1K - 13.56MHz Smartcard Credential (1K Format) kes-KSECURE4K - 13.56MHz Smartcard Credential (4K Format) kes-KSKPR - Keyscan Smartcard Reader / Keypad • K-SECURE smartcard credentials work with Keyscan’s KSMART smartcard reader • K-SMART reader is 2-in-1 unit for mullion or single gang plate installation • Uses industry proven nonproprietary MIFARE smartcard technology • Contactless smartcard reader and keypad also available (KES-KSKPR) readers/keypads Keyscan Access Control Panels kes-CA250 - 2-Reader Access Control Unit kes-CA4500 - 4-Reader Access Control Unit kes-CA8500 - 8-Reader Access Control Unit kes-EC1500 - 1-Cab Elevator Floor Access Control Unit kes-EC2500 - 2-Cab Elevator Floor Access Control Unit • Mix & match units to optimize system design & improve system installation • Dual Multi-threaded processors • 256 time zones, 512 time schedules, 511 group levels & 6000 transaction buffer • Communication connectivity may be established with LAN/WAN or wireless LAN among other options Powerplex 2000 Self-Powered Electronic Push Button Lock kes-P2031KK - Key-in-Lever KES-P2031KB - With Best Prep – Key Cylinder not included • Cost effective 1 door solution • Self-powered: No external power required • Standalone: No wires to run • Easy to install: New & Retrofit • Provides audit trail and supports 100 PIN access codes locking devices Keyscan RF Receiver RF Fobs with Proximity Chip kes-KRX - Keyscan Wireless Receiver kes-KTX2 - 4-Button RF Transmitter - Pack of 10 • Provides an ideal solution for integrating parking gates and parking garage type applications • Permits tracking, usage reporting & assigning access privileges including time & day restrictions when used with Keyscan access control units & software • Four button fobs work in long range RF mode as well as standard proximity format for other access control secured doors wireless Keyscan Aurora Access Control Management Software kes-aurora • Flagship software provides a single software solution regardless of project size or complexity • No performance limiting governors or onerous recurring licensing fees • Supports 45,000 cardholders (with expansion to 90,000) • Robust integration with best in class VMS, Intrusion, Wireless Lock manufacturer partners • Advanced functions include managing, auditing and controlling site access with a single credential software Keyscan Communication Equipment kes-NETCOM2P - Network Communication Board KEs-NETCOM2 - RS232 to TCP/IP Converter • Networking a Keyscan ACU is made easy with a NETCOM2P plug-on adaptor for maximum design flexibility • Designed to plug onto the CIM or directly onto the ACU board to establish network connectivity • NETCOM2 is ideal for providing TCP/IP LAN/WAN connectivity for a single ACU